Getting up in the morning is hard enough without having to organise your day as soon as you wake. So let your alarm clock also be your personal assistant. Through it’s built in artificial intelligence, the Bonjour Smart Alarm Clock learns your agenda and hobbies, and helps you make the most of each day.

Bonjour AI Smart Alarm Clock

On paper, Bonjour is a revolutionary voice-controlled and A.I. enhanced alarm clock that acts as your personal assistant. With a human voice and mindful mannerisms, Bonjour packs the features and acts as an alarm clock, speaker, security hub, screen display, weather and traffic checker, and calendar.

The main POS with the Bonjour is that you can set your alarm, as well as everything else, by simply talking to it. No app needed. The idea is that the more you talk to her, the more she’ll understand you and your needs. So, for example, if you regularly check your home security before bed but for some reason forget to one night, Bonjour will automatically do it for you.

Bonjour comes with a display which will transmit your security camera, for example, as well as also show you traffic and weather reports to suggest when you leave work for your daily commute or weekly run. By knowing all your routes and routines – as well as your calendar – Bonjour will also automatically set your alarm, meaning you’ll never oversleep and miss another meeting again.

Bonjour AI Smart Alarm Clock 3
Bonjour also comes with two in-built speakers and a bass radiator. There’s no details on the quality – and you’d have to expect it wouldn’t be a priority – but that does mean you can also wake up to your favourite song from Spotify or any webradio station.

As always with this sort of technology, the proof will be in the testing. But you can’t argue the makers of Bonjour haven’t been bold with their claims. And in fairness to them, the technology is out there, we’ve just not seen it integrated into something functional as of yet – especially with this many features.

If you need a new PA as well as an alarm clock and think Bonjour might fit the bill, head over to the Bonjour Kickstarter Website where you can hold of one for around the £90 ($109) mark. Deliveries are expected in June 2017 but as always with stuff on Kickstarter, you should probably take that with a pinch of salt!

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Bonjour AI Smart Alarm Clock 2



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