Bose Launches Frames Sunglasses Which Are Also Headphones

Forever at the forefront of audio technology, Bose have just unveiled their latest product and it’s not what you think. Though they may be known for their speakers and earphones, the American audio giant has just announced a pair of sunglasses that let the wearer listen to music, make calls and access augmented-reality experiences.

Simply called ‘Frames’, the new Bose eyewear features a set of tiny, focused speakers in the arms offering a listening experience similar to standard headphones. It’s worth noting that the sunglasses don’t actually sit in or directly over the ears. But that’s not the only innovation; Frames also promise ‘sound-based augmented-reality’ (AR) content.

Bose’s AR tech shouldn’t be confused with the usual video meaning of the word. Instead audio will be overlaid on the physical world, with Bose drawing on a nine-axis head motion sensor and GPS from a paired iOS or Android device. The brand say that the AR platform could be used for the likes of fitness, travel and gaming.


Constructed from nylon, the Frames come in two styles — a square, Ray Ban-like model, and a rounder design. Both come in matt black with gold-plated steel hinges and charging pins. They’re shatter and scratch resistant, and only weigh 45 grams.


The battery on the Frames has a playback of 3.5 hours or up to 12 hours on standby. Alongside some speakers, there’s also a small microphone embedded, enabling voice control through Siri or Google Assistant and phonecalls.

The Bose Frames will drop in January with prices expected to be around the £199 mark. Find out more over at the Bose Website.


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