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Bounce Imaging Explorer

Baring robots, there’s not too many ways of getting a good look into dangerous buildings where storming in gun-ho simply isn’t an option. Things may be about to change with the Bounce Imaging Explorer – a bouncing tactical camera that’s built to give law enforcements a good look into dangerous environments that are otherwise unreachable.

The ball contains a six-lens camera that can literally be chucked into a hazardous environment where it’ll send back a load of photos that are then stitched together to create a single image.

While the Explorer is obviously very cool, the practicality of it could be life-saving. A hostage situation, for example, can be made far easier if officials’ can see the lie of the land, which they will be able to do with the single image that gets sent straight to their smartphones via the built-in Wifi.

The Explorer is made of an extremely durable rubber and also contains temperature and carbon monoxide sensors, so they can tell if an environment contains other invisible dangers without having to risk health needlessly.

There are similar gadgets around but the difference with the Bounce Imaging device is that it uses one camera with multiple lenses as opposed to numerous cameras dotted around a device. The main advantage of this is it allows images to be pulled in at the same time, thus saving time.

The Bounce Imaging Explorer has just got itself a commercial release with prices starting at $1,495 (around £953). But we’d be surprised if your average Joe had a real need for a bouncing camera. The success of the Explorer will no doubt rely on securing deals with law enforcements. Check out the Bounce Imaging Website for more details.




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