We love a piece of contemporary interior design here at Average Joes and the best thing we’ve seen so far this year comes in the form of this ShadowPlay Clock by designers breadedEscalope.

breadedEscalope ShadowPlay Clock

While the vast majority of clocks these days use their electronics to show some digits, the Shadowplay Clock is fusing the old school and the new school by using electricity to show time in analog form.

The ShadowPlay Clock is mounted by a wooden frame and made from 60 LED lights. It’s 73cm in diameter and sits on your wall seamlessly doubling up as a piece of art as well as a timepiece.

ShadowPlay Clock 3
Once the user places their finger in the middle of the frame, specific LED lights are utilised to create shadows of your finger that provide you with the current time, offers a unique interactive time-telling experience.

breadedEscalope was founded in 2008 by Sascha Mikel, Martin Schnabl und Michael Tatschl in Vienna. The aim of their work is to find new approaches and strategies for generating socially sustainable objects.

Frustratingly, there’s no current firm plans to mass produce the ShadowPlay Clock but we’d say you should keep an eye on breadedEscalope’s Website for any news and to take a look at their other projects.

ShadowPlay Clock 1



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