Seeing as we use them at least twice a day, investing in a decent toothbrush is a more important business than we care to admit. Which is why we were more excited that we should probably admit to review the Bruzzoni Electric Toothbrush, by far the most attractive toothbrush on the market.

Bruzzoni Review - The World's Most Attractive Electric Toothbrush

First off; the look. The Bruzzoni looks completely different from any other toothbrush on the market, and I’m not going to lie, my first thoughts when I saw a picture of it were something similar to the infamous phrase ‘all the gear, but no idea’. I expected the brush to look nice, but actually perform poorly like most sleek and attractive products these days.

When it arrived, the packaging alone made my mouth water slightly, and upon opening it up I came to realise what a thing of beauty the Bruzzoni truly is. Bang on trend, matt black casing with rose gold highlights draws you in, and the simple yet stunning design is a win-win for both Joes and Janes alike.

Inside the dark and sturdy cardboard box (much nicer than the garish primary-coloured plastic packaging of most toothbrushes) you’ll find a soft travel/storage pouch with separate pockets for the brush and accessories, which is a nice touch. You’ll also find a charging plug (USB, no less) with a funky flat-shaped cable leading onto a rose gold platform on which you simply stand the brush to charge. Then there’s a head protector, spare head and, of course, the brush itself.


Once I had enjoyed this superior quality packaging for long enough, I gave the brush a trial. The bristles seemed a little soft, and there are no fancy settings which tell you how hard you’re brushing, how to improve your technique or how to make your smile look like the American dream… however, this is what I absolutely love about it.

You press the button and can brush away without lights flashing in your face, or having to choose from the 56 different types of rotation available. The soft bristles get into all the nooks and crannies of your teeth, and the slight pause every minute is enough to remind you of how long you’ve been cleaning.


The operation manual tells me that it oscillates clockwise and counter clockwise at an astonishing 8,800 times per minute, which judging by the long-lasting cleanliness I have experienced after using it, I would deem to be pretty good. The best thing of all? The battery lasts for an absolute age, which, as beautiful as the charging platform is, makes my life much easier.

Overall, the Bruzzoni toothbrush looks gorgeous sitting on the edge of my sink, works exceptionally well and beats all other brands hands down for sheer style. Just one little tip; make sure you wash it thoroughly after each use as white toothpaste on the black casing just ruins the whole look (or maybe buy the white version)…

The Bruzzoni Electric Toothbrush costs around £120. Head over to the Bruzzoni Website for more details.




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