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BT Infinity 300Mb Broadband

BT has announced the future of their BT Infinity broadband provision will lie in FTTP (fibre to the premises), giving potential download speeds of up to 300Mb per second. Whilst access to this will initially be limited, it is expected to grow rapidly through future infrastructure expansion.

BT Infinity already is connected to over 100,000 homes in the UK and this vastly superior speed will be available to existing and new customers on a £50 per month deal. As you might expect, the speedy service won’t be bottlenecked through service shaping or be subject to any download limits. As a part of this upgrade, you’ll also get your hands on the all new and vastly superior BT Homehub.

The Homehub 4 launched in May, has already been shipped to thousands of homes across the UK. Shipped, in this case, means posted, quite literally, through the letter box. The Homehub was designed with this in mind, since nobody wants to be home to sign for the blasted package, or have to wait to trek to the nearest sorting office to collect it and suffering without the internet in the interim. The sleek box also has the added benefit of no installation software nonsense, everything comes plug-and-play style.

BT Homehub 4

The best thing about the Homehub 4 is its ability to use two channels to transmit your WIFI. If you aren’t down with the WIFI lingo, essentially your average router send its signal out at 2.4Hz, a range which is becoming increasingly congested. Now the Homehub can also broadcast at 5Hz, meaning it can switch between the two for your devices automatically ensuring little to no interference slowing your wireless down.

Essentially, this is a real upgrade for your average home broadband user and small business.

Of course, with a new higher BT Infinity speed offering coming soon, so is ANOTHER new BT Homehub. The Homehub 5 will combine all the requirements for FTTP into the one box, as well as being sleek and quite unobtrusive. No news on when it will be out though! It all helps to build the network in your house, and as things like the PS4 and Xbox One are released, these little boxes will be essential to their working.

Speaking to the chaps at BT we were curious to ask about network access storage, since their Homehubs always come with a USB and yet no specification on what it can support (trial and error, sorry chaps). Without giving anything away, they did drop the hint that there could be an announcement forthcoming about some new BT NAS hardware. That will definitely be something worth hearing about, but then, they’ve had USB ports for years and we’ve heard nothing, so we aren’t holding our breath.



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