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Sponsored Post: BT Story of the Games

The summer of 2012 was, all in all, a glorious one for Great Britain. Disappointment in the Euros (which we come to expect anyway) was soon forgotten and the the London 2012 Olympics, Jubilee and more recently the European Ryder Cup glory of just a few weeks ago has meant the party has continued all the way through summer.

BT, one of the many sponsors of the London 2012 Olympics Games want us to celebrate that little longer as summer turns into autumn. And not like all of the others videos which feature the fans and the athletes, this video is a behind the scenes look with the people who helped make it happen.

If you didn’t know BT were the communication sponsor of the Olympics and with 4 billion people watching around the world, 27,500 journalists in the UK, 14,700 athletes and 34 sporting venues, this was no small task… To put it into context, BT laid an extra 5500 Km (the distance from London to New York) of cables to support the games which in total included 80,000 individual connections, 16,500 phone lines, and 14,000 cable TV points in a total of 94 locations. With the advancement and popularity of streaming online, the total bandwidth was 4 times that of Beijing 4 years ago!

Check out the video below, and celebrate one of the biggest network master pieces the world may have ever seen. For more information about BT at the games, click here.

This post was kindly sponsored by BT.



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