BubbleScope 360 Degree Camera

bubblescope-smartphone-360-degree-cameraThis kind of excites us, and to be honest, it may well excite you as well! The brainchild of British inventor Tom Lawton, say hello to the BubbleScope 360 Degree Camera for Smartphones.

Now, it may not be the most attractive accessory for your smartphone, and from what we can tell the quality probably won’t be making it into HD, but pretty cool nonetheless.

Uses for this are really only limited by your own mind, from venue and property video on a low budget, to previews of bars, festivals and anything else. Do whatever you want! Now don’t get us wrong, quality and aspect will be an issue for some, there is no replacing professional video just yet. But for a DIY model, we can’t see too much wrong with it, can you?

After years in the making, expect the BubbleScope to hit shelves from June onwards, available online and on the high street with an RRP of £64.99. Check out the video and images below for more information.