Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:09 pm

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Apple Peel 520 for iPod Touch

Apple Peel 520 for iPod Touch

No seriously…

Welcome to the Apple Peel 520. A new adapter for your iPod touch, that turns it into a fully ‘working’ iPhone. Just tested in China and waiting for general release, the case costs around $388 RMB (about £40) and houses an additional 800mAh battery, vibration module and sim pack. Although it does not currently support 3G.

So how does it work, well you need an iPod touch, along with the new Apple Peel 520. You then need to jail break your touch, so you can install voice calling and text messaging apps, “Yosion” and “YsSMS”.

Only available due to be available in China, if it ever did ship the the US or Europe, expect an Apple Lawsuit quicker than you say Yosion…

But an interesting development, and perhaps one people will take further in the future…



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