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Campbell’s Soup Coffee Machine Pods

Cup a Soup and Pot Noodles enthusiasts around the world – listen up! Campbell’s soup are about to blow your tiny minds with the announcement of Fresh-Brewed Soup, a range of soups that are made straight through your coffee machine!

Soup juggernauts Campbell’s have teamed up with coffee machines aficionados Keurig to bring soup to the coffee machine-obsessed masses in exactly the same way your brew your coffee – through pods.

The technology have just been launched the other side of the Atlantic with Campbell’s offering Joes two different taste sensations in the form of Homestyle Chicken Broth & Noodle soup, as well as Southwest Style Chicken Broth & Noodle soup.

Now, we know what you’re thinking – “Noodles through my pristine coffee machine!? What is this wizardry!?” Well, we’re sorry to bring the tone down for a second, but the dried noodles aren’t actually inside the pod. Instead Joes have to empty a boring old sachet into the cup before you do the pod bit.

If you haven’t used one, the idea is simple enough – insert the pod into the machine and press the brew button. Within seconds a mug full of delicious warm soup is ready to eat and burn the roof of your mouth.

The soupy pods are being sold in eight-cup packs, just like the coffee pods we get over here, and are being sold in the States for around £8 ($11.99). That’s actually not to cheap when compared to just buying a can of soup but you can’t put a price on cool novelty.

Apparently 80% of people Keurig pod buyers also eat Campbell’s soup. But the obvious question is will Joes like their soup tasting of coffee? And more importantly, will Joes like their coffee infused with chicken broth? Unfortunately, we’ll just have to wait until the pods reach us over here!




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