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Can You Live Contract Free?

Contracts represent value for money. Don’t they? The premise that you buy into something in the long term to ultimately receive something at a lower value overall seems to ring true in the back of the mind. But is that actually the case?

Over the coming week I intend to find out. I will be shunning my safe and contract laden lifestyle for one of a short term and exciting pay as you go (PAYG), contract free nature. We have been challenged my contract free mobile network giffgaff, but it is not just my mobile phone contract I will be casting aside. Oh no, nothing as simple as that! I’ll be putting myself up in pay-as-you-stay accommodation, going to different gyms on a pay each time basis, working from day-by-day office space, hopping around London in a Zipcar or per journey via TFL, watching the odd movie or TV show from the internet and Blinkbox, maybe renting a game or two on the way, and listening to tunes through Deezer. I will assess each meal as I come to it, and tackle hygiene in the same way (that isn’t as worrying as it sounds!). Single use bath and shower products will be the way forward for the week. If I can get something for free, I most definitely will…

We realise that there are some basics, like accommodation (be it mortgage or rent) and those other contracts that come along with it such as home insurance, the utilities like heat and water, telephone and internet, maybe even Sky or Virgin Media for TV too are essentials that many of us can’t move away from, and would be mad to try. I don’t even know if I can go 24 hours without logging on to my beloved Netflix! But the thought of a life you can walk away from at any time sounds tempting – like a secret agent. I might even have a bug out bag, pre-packed and by the door, just in-case my ‘cover gets blown’.


Contract Related Objects


Am I hesitant? Of course I am! I live a life without having to think about whether or not my phone will make a call when I pick it up, if the nearby car is there for use on the day, I know exactly where I will be waking up in the morning for the foreseeable future (unless I’ve had a good night out of course). I did think about a PAYG girlfriend, but perhaps that’s going a bit too far? After looking in to the challenge, I have begun to associate it with a more itinerant lifestyle, particularly those travellers who like being free spirits without anything tying them down. I cannot say that I am one of them now, but perhaps in a week there will be more of me that wishes to be set free.

Keep in touch over the coming week to see how I manage being entirely contract free. If you have any ideas or know of something that epitomises PAYG then let me know, I will need the help!! Get at me in the comments below, or tweet me directly @dan_arlington.



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