It seems that we no longer want or need a watch to just tell us the time and date. After all it is 2013 and although we haven’t got our Back to the Future hover boards yet, it is time for our phones to be connected to our watches. And whilst we still wait for our pre-paid Pebble E-Paper Smartwatches, the Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch might fill the void.

Casio G-Shock Bluetooth Watch


Some may see this as unnecessary but depending on what you read having info displayed on our watches is what we need. Take a look at the E-Paper watch and the recently rumoured i-Watch that is in development, it is becoming an increasingly popular market. Even though you may have to take the last rumour with a hefty pinch of salt.

Casio and the G-Shock range are already market leaders in various segements, and they have entered the competition with one of their classic watches sporting Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Take your new G-Shock Smartphone Watch and hook up your iPhone (4S or newer) and the watch will display incoming call alerts, mail alerts, time adjustment and a handy phone finder for when it slips down the back of the sofa or you quite simply piled on the pounds over Xmas and you’re newly large derrière has swallowed up your phone.

The watch can beep and/or vibrate to alert you of something happening on your phone in your pocket. The battery life of the watch is good as well with a reported 2 year life span. We like the G-shock watches and think this is a decent addition. We probably wouldn’t file this under ‘game-changing’ but certainly something that should be around with today’s current tech.

Find more over at the Casio Website, and reasonably priced at $180.




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