With smartwatches all the rage these last few years, it seems only natural that charging docks will follow. One such contraption that’s especially caught our eye is the Chestnut by Enveo, a smartwatch dock which is perfect for any contemporary home or office.

Enveo Chestnut Smartwatch Dock

The Chestnut smartwatch dock by Danish brand Enveo might not offer charging itself but it does offers a beautifully-designed safe home for your precious watch. Oozing Scandinavian minimalism and sophistication, the dock is designed with a unique silicone ring, which is currently compatible with Pebble Time, Pebble Steel and the 38 and 42mm Apple Watches.

However, thanks to the interchangeable rings, it can easily accommodate even more brands in the future – so the functionality of the dock will never decrease and will even become greater. If you buy a smarter smartwatch, just change the silicone ring, and you’re good to go. It also fits a broad range of strap designs.

The Chestnut dock is angled at 45-degrees ensuring full functionality while your smartwatch is charging. It’s also angled so if you own an Apple Watch, it will enable the Nightstand mode.

Everybody hates clutter, which is why the makers of the Chestnut have integrated a cordwell into the dock, where surplus cord safely can be tucked away. It’s also incredible small and is only slightly larger than a matchbox. It is pretty hefty, though, weighing in at 800 grams. Add the small rubber feet it possesses and it’s going nowhere!

If you like the Envio Chesnut smartwatch dock as much as we do, you can get hold of one for around £52 ($69), which we think is about right. Head over to the Envio Website for more details.




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