cinebody iPhone Camera Holder

With smartphone cameras only getting better by the day – particularly iPhones – more and more Joes are opting to shoot their videos with the humble device. As a result countless camera add-ons have been released onto the market, and while most will do the job, none will look the part quite as much as the cinebody.

The cinebody S6 blends the golden age of home movies with the latest technology to offer smartphone users a new way to see and capture the world around you. Now you can shoot 4K quality videos on your iPhone with the ergonomics and advantages of professional cameras.

The cinebody is remarkably easy to use. Working via a free accompanying app, all you need to do is insert your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, connect it to the red cable and launch the app. That’s it. Then you can shoot away to your heart’s content, with the app providing precision controls to customise every shot, such as frame rate and focus.

cinebody iPhone Camera 2
The cinebody features with an easy-to-use trigger and a microphone. Simply press the trigger in to record, and press again to stop. Simple. There’s even mounts available for lights and extra handles, and you’ll also be able to film in the most extreme bright-light conditions with cinebody’s patent-pending, focusing eyepiece.

The design is cool but it’s undeniably gimmicky. Having said that, you can get a couple of different lenses depending on your preference of shooting. The 0.45x Wide Angle Lens will give you the perfect perspective for action and parties, while the 2x Telephoto Lens gets you twice as close to the action with 2 x the magnification.

The cinebody iPhone camera holder is available now for pre-order from the cinebody Website. With deliveries beginning in October, you can get hold of a cinebody for around £150 ($199), while the extra lenses will set you back around £25 ($30).

cinebody iPhone Camera 3