According to research, over 60% of us use our smartphones to wake up in the morning. But is your phone always being by your side a good thing? We don’t know about you, but we find ourselves scrolling through social media after setting our alarms, often leaving ourselves with an hour less shut eye. Which is why the standalone Circa smart alarm clock is not only looking to wake you up, it’s also trying to help you sleep better.

Introducing Circa - The Smart Alarm Which Helps You Sleep

The Circa digital clock comes with a sleep-sensor included which lives under your mattress and allows Circa to analyse your sleep and determine what sleep-stage you’re in. This way, Circa can wake you up just when it’ll be most beneficial within a timeframe of 30 minutes of your set alarm time.

Like all sleep monitors these days, Circa collects data over multiple nights to provide you with insights and feedback that help you to adjust and improve your routine. Not only that, Circa can play sounds sounds like whistling birds to help you fall asleep and also emits a slowly pulsing light to help you slow down your breathing.


Alternatively, the smart alarm is also designed Circa with DAB+, HD Radio and Internet Radio, so you listen to your favourite stations if wind blowing through trees is just a little too yoga-y for you. It also has built-in Spotify too.


While it does has an OLED display, Circa’s black pixels are completely turned off the device automatically emits less light at night. As sleep experts advise you to hide the time at night, Circa’s ‘Dark at Night’ mode will also only show you the time when you tap the device.

The Circa smart alarm clock is being funded over at Kickstarter, where with just under a week left of funding, the Circa has almost hit its target. If you want to push it into production, head over to the Circa Kickstarter Website now where you can get hold of one for around £150 ($199). Deliveries are expected in June 2018.




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