Last updated on November 15th, 2015 at 12:08 pm

The Clas Ohlson Uniquely Useful Tool

If you love being really creative and have a few hours to spare, the Uniquely Useful Tool from Clas Ohlson could provide you with a creative outlet with a useful outcome.

The Uniquely Useful Tool incorporates a Serviette for all your wiping, shirt protecting and chair propping needs, a Rubber Thimble for sewing, piercing and general sharp edges, a Paper Clip should you be partial to lock picking or perhaps if you need to get the mini sim card out of your iPhone, a Bottle Opener for a night in with the lads a Penny Screwdriver for when you cant be bothered to go out to the shed, a Magnet to disrupt your compass or just find things down the back of the sofa and a USB Flashdrive to store that presentation for work.

The kicker is that you cant buy the Uniquely Useful Tool, you have to make it from scratch. This makes it part man-achivement and part utility tool. A combination which would see it being the pride of your toolbox for-evermore, so that every time you use it you can exclaim “I made that!”

Photo’s of the Prototype are attached along with the instructions to make it!

We’re off to B&Q for parts.




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