While fans in this summer heat are clearly useful, there aren’t half a pain to store away when the temperatures inevitably start to plummet. Not only that – they are loud, cumbersome and mostly downright ugly. Well, Seoul-based design team JiyounKim Studio has addressed these problems and come up with a handy solution. Introducing the Conbox, a collapsible electric fan.

Conbox Electric Fan by JiyounKim Studio

Put simply, the Conbox your new favourite electric fan. Now while we’re aware most of you weren’t sure you were ever going to have a favourite, the Conbox is undeniably beautiful. It’s also functional too with an accompanying app which controls things such as the wind speed, a timer and even a sleep mode. Oh, and it’s also wireless!

While lots of electric fans are manufactured only for using in the summer, the Conox won’t take up too much space under the stairs in the winter as it’s completely collapsible. It comes apart piece by piece, each of which can be put together in a different way to form a ‘Conbox shape’ – which incidentally looks rather cool too and comes with a convenient little leather loop attached for transport.

Conbox Fan JiyounKim 2
On paper, the JiyounKim Studio Conbox collapsible electric fan comes in four clean, monochromatic colour schemes (White, Black, Green and Olive), but unfortunately the Conbox only currently exists in conceptual form.

Here’s to hoping it makes its way to our work benches before the next heatwave! Head over to the JiyounKim Studio Website to see more of the studio’s on-going projects.

Conbox Fan JiyounKim 4
Conbox Fan JiyounKim 3



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