If you’re one those Joes who are lucky enough to live with your partner, you’ll know there’s one major issue which always crops up. Yes, marriage is a commitment but beginning a new TV series on Netflix is a whole other level. And there’s nothing which guarantees a domestic more than your partner ploughing on through without you!

Cornetto TV Series Commitment Rings

Well, ice-cream extraordinaires Cornetto have come up with a quite brilliant solution to the problem in the form of their Commitment Rings. Built with NFC capabilities, the rings block access to certain TV shows unless both rings are present in the room to watch it. That means no more skipping ahead and no more infidelity!

Cornetto Commitment Ring 2
The TV Series Commitment rings might sound like just a great piece of marketing, and while it absolutely is, Cornetto are so serious about this ‘worst type of cheating’ that they’re currently negotiating with streaming apps to get this technology built in.

Cornetto Commitment Ring 3
The Commitment Rings and their NFC technology will be linked to various video streaming service for six months. The rings will come with an accompanying mobile app where couples can then pick the series they want to watch together. So when the rings are close to each other, the app detects them and automatically unblocks those series.

We think the Cornetto TV Series Commitment Rings are a genuinely brilliant idea but annoyingly they’re not currently available. However, Cornetto are asking Joes and Janes to register now in order to get first dibs. Google Play and the Apple Store are already listed as partners on their Website – we just hope they get Netflix and Amazon involved!



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