We’re always on the lookout for something a bit different when it comes to our tech. Whether we like the design or not, we always think it’s best to stand out. So it’s not hard to see why this Cosmos Constellation Clock speaker – which will soon be hitting Kickstarter – has caught our eyes!

Cosmos Constellation Bluetooth Clock Speaker

The Cosmos Constellation Bluetooth clock speaker was created by Jay Hyun Kim, an industrial designer who believes technology is disruptive to our collective mental health. As such, his mission is to provide innovative alternatives to regular tech products – perfectly illustrated by the Cosmos.

The genuinely unique Cosmos is rather unsurprisingly inspired by the countless number of stars in the night sky. As most of us in urban areas can’t make the most of this magnificent wonder, the Cosmos speaker allows Joes to see the constellations without ever leaving their homes.

Cosmos Constellation Bluetooth Clock Speaker 2
The display on the Cosmos is made with a simple LED stripe that lights up certain areas of the clock’s engraved dots; to read the time, just look at the two ‘large stars’ which indicate the hour and minute, respectively. The smaller constellations on the display actually accurately depict the map of the Northern Hemisphere Constellation in all its glory too.

Cosmos Constellation Bluetooth Clock Speaker 3
While the display is obviously the selling point here, it shouldn’t be forgotten that the Cosmos does function as a pretty good Bluetooth speaker too. Music can be played through your smartphone or anything else which is Bluetooth enabled, with the makers promising this little device packs some punch and a serious baseline.

The Cosmos Constellation Clock is due to hit Kickstarter within the next few weeks, where we’ll finally get a price-point. For now, head over to Jay Kim’s Website to see this thing in action.

Cosmos Constellation Bluetooth Clock Speaker 4



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