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Cove Home Charging Station

Griffin Technology have launched the Cove home charging station. A wood look hub with five 12 watt USB ports capable of charging up to 5 tablets simultaneously while tucking away cables and eliminating visible clutter.

The Cove has a built-in power supply which uses Griffin’s trademarked ChargeSensor technology to make sure each device receives its own proper amount and rate of charge.

Inside the Cove there are three easy-access, non-slip, soft lined shelves which organise your devices while charging, without scratching their screens or outer shells. The Cove’s low-profile sliding door closes to conceal devices and cords, and can be tilted out to serve as a hands-free tablet stand for reading, following recipes, watching videos, typing, and more.

Griffin say they sent a research team to conduct extensive in-home visits, interviews, and online surveys. They state the results showed that people are not only looking to eliminate messy cables and chargers, but desire a charging and storage solution that matches their home decor.


Normally when companies say this sort of thing, we wonder how much research has actually been done, but the Cove looks fantastic on paper. Not only does it look perfectly practical, it’s 16.8” wide x 12.8” deep x 7” tall, so it’s ideal to fit pretty much anywhere: your desk, a windowsill or next to the bread bin.

Griffin’s Cove campaign is currently running on crowd-funding website Indiegogo until the 12th May with shipments slated for late 2015. 7 days in and the Cove home charging station has already reached its $30,000 goal, so Joes clearly love the idea as much as we do. It’s priced at $200 (around £135). For more details check out the Cove’s Indiegogo Website.




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