Meet the World’s First Fully Automated Burger Robot

More and more robots are weaving their way into everyday life, with the food and drink industry especially receiving the robotic treatment more than most. Recently the likes of the Makr Shakr bar and Cafe X have caught the attention. But after years of hype, Creator’s burger making robot restaurant might be the coolest yet.

The Creator burger restaurant concept is set to be unveiled in San Francisco with burgers made entirely by robots selling for $6 a pop – or around £4.50. Featuring ingredients like umami dust, the burger robot can wrap up to 120 burgers per hour, meaning the restaurant’s two machines can produce 240 burgers per hour – or one burger every 15 seconds.

But unlike most robot concepts, rather than simply replicates human tasks, Creator aims to use robots to tackle unique culinary tasks that humans just can’t perform. For example, it uses sensors to cook the burger to absolute perfection and also employs Heston Blumenthal’s aspirational vertical-aligned grind technique, which is near impossible to perform by hand.


At the restaurant, customers will also be able to customise their ingredient requests, such as slicing ingredients by the millimetre, or serving low-in-salt options by seasoning only the bottom bun. In theory, the Creator burger robot can produce a burger to your exact pinpoint requirements in less time than it would take to use a vending machine.

At a price of $6, Creator’s burgers are extremely competitive compared to the likes of the McDonald’s Big Mac. And ultimately if robotics are to find a place in the restaurant and bar industry, the price point is going to key. Head over to the Creator Website to find out more.