Apple annoyed much of the tech world last year when they announced that the new iPhone 7 wouldn’t come with 3.5mm jack compatibility, thus meaning wireless earphones were the only way you could listen to music on the new smartphone. Not only that, Apple’s own branded wireless AirPods didn’t offer much in the way of diversity with White being the sole colour of choice. That is until now, thanks to ColorWare.

Customise Your Apple AirPods With ColorWare

Yes, American electronic device customiser ColorWare have just launched a customisation service for Apple’s AirPods. Famed painting everything from headphones to gaming consoles, ColorWare are offering Apple AirPods in 58 different tones in both glossy and matte finishes to truly personalise your AirPods and accompanying charger

Apple has been facing backlash from consumers due lack of colour options for a while now and the debate only heated up with the no-jack iPhone 7 announcement. While you don’t have to use Apple’s AirPods, the extra cost wireless earphones inevitably bring meant that many users were left frustrated at the lack of options. ColorWare may be the answer.

Colorware Apple AirPods 2

ColorWare uses a hand-sprayed X2 coating that is an extremely durable proprietary scratch-resistant liquid plastic. The company have come up with 58 different colour shades to customise the earphones including different shades of Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and Black.

Not only that, each shade can be executed in two tones (solid and metallic), and ColorWare also offer an ‘Inspire Me’ option where they can colour the pair of earbuds in two different colours for a contrasting look.

The ColorWare Apple AirPods are on sale now for $289 (around £230) which is actually $130 (roughly £105) more than the original retail price. You’ll also have to shell out an extra £25 if you want your charging case customised as well, and deliveries can take up to 6 weeks. Head over to the ColorWare Website for more details.

Colorware Apple AirPods 3



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