We’re all used to having our sense of sound catered for with Bluetooth and music libraries now readily available on essentially any device and in any situation. But what about our sense of smell? Say hello to Cyrano, a ‘scent speaker’ that allows you to ‘play’ whatever scent you’d like!

Cyrano Scent Speaker

The Cyrano Scent Speaker is a small cylindrical device that’s been developed by Boston-based Vapor Communications. The device is synced up to an accompanying app for your smartphone named oNotes, where Joe can choose their own scent to come out of the Cyrano. As Vapor Communications say, Cyrano ‘plays mood medleys like a sound speaker plays music.’

When you first get your Cyrano device, you’ll be started off with some oNotes cartridges which contain some basic scents such as ginger, peppermint and lavender. From there, Joes can create their own ‘Mood Medleys’ with new oNotes cartridges to suit their own tastes and preferences.

Cyrano oNotes Scent Speaker 3
The really clever bit about the oNotes is that they’re not based on regular wicks or oils and are actually ‘digitally designed scents.’ These scents are designed to shape your mood by direct transmission to your brain, and they’re are built to linger – in a good way!

Cyrano oNotes Scent Speaker 2
The device itself is small enough to put on your work desk, put in your bathroom or even fit in one of the cup holders in your car. It sounds like a clever bit of technology – we just hope they bring it to televisions so we can have some smellevision!

The Cyrano Scent Speaker is selling for around £100 ($150) from the oNotes Website. Separate cartridges are also available for around £8 ($11.95) a pop.

Cyrano oNotes Scent Speaker 4



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