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Density Sensor

Waiting for a table at a restaurant, waiting for the treadmill at the gym or even waiting for a computer at the Uni library is about to get a whole lot less stressful thanks to the revolutionary technology that’s been put into the Density sensor!

Density is a tiny sensor that’s been designed to be set up just about anywhere with the aim of providing real-time information on how busy that location is. The sensor simply gets attached to a place’s common entrance, it measures anonymous movement as people come and go, and generates real-time and historical data that can be integrated anywhere.

In short, the Density is a small sensor that works in pretty much the same way as break beam sensors do. They’re the ones that automatic doors and lifts use to stop you losing a limb by sensing when somebody is in the way.

The brilliance of the Density, though, is the open developer API and easy installation, which comes for free. In theory, this opens up a world of possibilities, with restaurants being able to detect the amount of open tables being a real plausibility.

The other use being banded around is in gyms where, in theory, Joes would be able to use it to inform members when treadmills etc. are being used so a trip later in the day can be scheduled. The potential use in bars and clubs as well is obvious.

The Density sensor is already being used in the US at Requested, which is used for discounts at restaurants, Workfrom, a platform to find remote working areas, and is also being tested on parts of Berkeley’s campus again for work space and the like.

As always, some of the best ideas are the simplest, and we think the Density is just that – something truly functional that could easily change our lifestyles, subtlety but effectively. It also cost just $25 for a sensor, so around £16. Obviously if you’re a business owner, you might need a few but we think it could be fully worth it. Check out the Density Website for more details.



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