DJI OM4 – The magnetic smartphone gimbal

Using smartphones for video content has exploded in recent years. Phones like the iPhone 11 and Samsung S20 take superb quality video and you always have them on you. But they have their limitations and if you want to create smooth cinematic footage, a gimbal has become a must have accessory. Could the latest offering from DJI, the OM4, be the best yet?

I’ve been using a DJI OSMO Mobile 3 for around a year now and it’s been superb. It’s easy to use and set up and the footage I’ve managed to get from it with my iPhone 11 is frankly amazing! The new OM4 (they’ve made the name shorter this time around) aims to build on the performance from the OSMO Mobile 3 with a few interesting refinements.

The most obvious change is the way you mount your phone to the device. The older versions weren’t exactly difficult but they could be fiddly at times. Especially for the larger phones. The OM4 uses a magnetic mounting system instead of the older spring loaded clamp. There are two versions of the magnetic system included. A slim clamp that you fit onto your phone and simply attach whenever you need to use the OM4 or a stick on magnetic pad that will be useful for those of you who use your gimbal a lot. The benefit here is that it is quite a bit faster to attach your phone and start shooting. Meaning you’re less likely to miss that import shot or unrepeatable moment. The old system isn’t bad but does require quite a bit more time and precision to get the gimbal going and ready to shoot.

DJI have also updated a few of the exiting features. The motors are stronger than before which will no doubt help with some of the bigger phones out there. They’ve improved the active track feature which allows you to select a subject/object and the camera will track it no matter where you move the gimbal. There’s a few new features too. They’ve included an active zoom mode that allows you to get that ‘Hitchcock shot’ where the subject seems to stay still as the background moves behind them. There’s also a rolling motion that has become popular with TikTok users. These are hard to describe in words so just go ahead and watch this video from DJI:

Overall this seems like a nice update to an already cool product. I’m trying to decide if I should upgrade or not. If I do, I’ll make sure there’s a review on here. It’s available direct from DJI’s store at £139 making it almost a no-brainer for people who don’t already have a smartphone gimbal. I suspect this might tempt a few people to upgrade though.