We all know we should be doing our bit for the environment by lowering our carbon footprints. But just how serious are we? Well, Swedish FinTech company Doconomy is asking us to put our money where our mouth is by launching a credit card that tracks the carbon emissions of purchases, and caps the climate impact of users’ spending.

Doconomy Launches Credit Card with Carbon-Emission Spending Limit

In a bid to encourage us to actively reduce our carbon footprint each day, Doconomy’s DO Black credit card directly connects our buying to the impact it has on the planet. Through an accompanying app, users of the DO credit card can track the exact carbon emissions associated with their spending and also have it capped.

The app uses a calculation system called the Åland Index to measure the CO2 produced with every transaction, allowing users to put limits on their own climate impact. Users will also be rewarded financially for being more environmentally friendly, receiving refunds (or “DO credits”) which can then be directed to UN-certified green projects or sustainable funds.


The DO card itself is also environmentally friendly and is made of bio-sourced material and printed with Air Ink; an ink made from recycled air pollution particles, such as soot from car exhausts, chimneys and generators.

While Docomony’s ethos is obviously the selling point, they are keen to point out that this isn’t some gimmick and theor security systems are of the highest standards, covered by an insurance deposit scheme at their partner bank Ålandsbanken.

To find out more about the Doconomy DO credit card, head over to the Doconomy Website.


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