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Dom’Up Treehouse Cabin Tent

We all dreamed of having a treehouse when we were younger. Well now that might be a possibility thanks to the Dom’Up – a treehouse cabin tent. The Dom’Up combines arboreal living at its finest with the ultimate experience of low-impact camping.

The invention comes from the minds of Dutch arboriculturist Bruno de Grunne and architect Nicolas d’Ursel of Trees and People. This innovative treehouse draws inspiration from tree camping and traditional treehouse structures. The end result is a tree shelter that’s apparently surprisingly easy to install and leaves no trace or impact on its surrounding environment and trees. So it’s very green too.

The Dom’Up features a lightweight 16 sq m (172 sq ft) octagonal platform which is suspended between two trees, utilising Trees and People’s No Trace arboreal fixing system. The tent comes equipped with a UV-resistant double canvas tent shelter, protective roofing made from durable thermo-welded tarpaulin, a large terrace and an open interior space which can be used as a general living space or even a bedroom.

The structure of the Dom’Up is made from galvanized steel and natural wooden flooring with the external railing having been flat fitted around the shelter for additional security. The wooden floor boards can be removed during the winter or rainy periods and easily reinstalled in time for Spring. Access to the treehouse is either by a wooden ladder or by a specifically designed stairs or a suspension bridge, depending on the location and set-up.

The Dom’Up is said to take 2 days to set up, which we don’t think is actually all that bad. You just won’t be able to take it to the New Forest with you!

“The idea is to use the inner space of the forest, between the trees, rather than the inner space of a single tree which is full of branches and obstacles,” says de Grunne. “Using our hanging system, we can distribute the weight of the structure with greater support, while having a lower impact on the trees. In fact, a tree can adapt itself to the constant tension like it does naturally with constant wind and we can achieve zero impact on the landscape.”

While the Dom’Up treehouse cabin tent is one of the coolest things we’ve seen all year, it isn’t cheap coming in at £18,000. The ropes and straps of the Dom’Up will also need to be replaced every 5 years in accordance with European safety standards – so you’re looking at a little extra over the years to keep it fit for purpose. But if you’ve got the space and funds, we think this would be an amazing addition to your back garden!




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