While we’re naturally loving the Olympics, we’ve never felt frustration like lying on our sofa having not moved for 6 hours only for the BBC to decide to switch the coverage over to BBC2. The remote is the other side of the room and blinking hard at the screen just isn’t working – what do you do? Well in future, you might be able to just tap your arm thanks to these amazing DuoSkin remote control tattoos!

DuoSkin Remote Control Tattoos

The creation comes out of the Microsoft Research and MIT Media Lab, and put simply, DuoSkin’s tattoos can be customised to fit any technological need you might have. Once applied, the gold-leaf smart tattoos can control your phone, TV or even a display by simply tapping the surface of your skin.

Gold metal leaf is a conductive material and that means it can interact with an electronic circuit, making technology actually fairly simple. At the moment DuoSkins can acknowledge a single push, a scroll and even a swipe.

DuoSkin Remote Control Tattoos 3
Working as an input device is probably where most Joes will be comfortable and we think the DuoSkin could find its place. The gold-leaf tattoo would register a touch and communicate with an attached gadget – we’re talking changing the volume on your smartphone or MP3 player.

The DuoSkin can also work as an output device/display unit. But don’t be thinking Netflix on your arm just yet; at the moment, DuoSkin can only change colour or show slightly different patterns to signals like a change in temperature. The obvious use for this would seem to be in medical practices.

DuoSkin Remote Control Tattoos 2
The final output is probably the most interesting/potentially questionable. In theory, the DuoSkin could easily be used for communication purposes. Rather than taking someone’s phone number or e-mail, you could use your tattoo as a tag to swap contact info. Obviously security and privacy are the issues here but it’s certainly an interesting idea.

At the moment the DuoSkin is still in development with no initial plans to roll it out but it’s certainly something we’ll be keeping an eye on!

DuoSkin Remote Control Tattoos 1



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