Dyson have been at the forefront of British domestic engineering for years with some of the best performing and looking vacuum cleaners, humidifiers and fans on the market. Now they’re moving out of the shadows and into the light with a range of lamps which they say will last for 37 years. That’s awfully specific to not be right!

Dyson CSYS Range

The CSYS range is an innovation by James Dyson’s son, Jake. They’re special and last way beyond normal bulb lights because they employ heat pipe technology to keep them cool. At its most basic, the general idea is that all LED bulbs last for decades. From experience, we all know this isn’t the case. Dyson say it’s because other companies don’t protect their phosphorus outer coatings from heat, which causes degradation of light and colour.

To combat this, the CSYS range uses ‘heat pipe’ technology that’s normally used on space shuttles and satellites. It off-loads excess heat via the lamps’ horizontal arms. Good thinking, Dyson!

Heat pipes are metal vacuum tubes with a very small amount of liquid in. As soon as the liquid comes into contact with a heat source at one end of the pipe (the LED bulb), it turns to steam, heads to the other end and evaporates. Truly chilling.

While the technology in the Dyson CSYS is unique, you’re also paying for some seriously beautiful and practical design. It has, what Dyson are calling, a ‘three-axis glide motion’. While conventional lights rely on tension to stay in position, CSYS task lights use gravity.

The arm moves vertically using a counterweight pulley system inspired by the construction crane. It also extends 27.5 cm horizontally along anti-friction bearings. The zinc alloy base rotates smoothly through 360-degrees and is weighted to increase stability.

One other brilliant feature is that the dimmer has a memory, so when you switch the CSYS on, the light is at the same dimmer setting as you left it at! It sounds basic but you rarely find it. It also looks very attractive and would suit pretty much any office or living room.

The Dyson CSYS range is now available on the Dyson Wesbite. A desk lamp will cost you £399 while the tall floorstanding CSYS comes in at £599. While you’ll find cheaper lights, you’ll save heaps in the long run with the longevity of the bulbs. Plus they look stunning!




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