Oct 13 2009 @averagejoesblog

Probably the coolest fan I have ever seen, yes it may also be the most expensive, but did I mention this is probably the coolest fan I have ever seen!?!

First we had the vacuum cleaners, which made Simon Dyson a household name, and one of the worlds most famed inventors. Next they delivered us a hand dryer, which in my eyes is still the best, and most fun hand drying experience I have ever had! Well now we have the Air Multiplier, which is a fan, but without the erm, fans?

Dyson Fan, the Air Multiplier

Well it does has fans, but they are hidden using much the same technology as their hoovers. The “bladeless fan” includes blades inside the lower base unit, and the air is then routed through the device and out of the top ring.

The upside, the coolest fan you will have sitting on your desk this, erm winter? The downside, the noise is along the same lines of a vacuum and prices start at around £200… Cheaper buying a hoover!



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