We’ve all been there, trying to eek out every last bit of juice when your phone hits the dreaded 20%. Well, if you’re an EE customer, say goodbye the heart-breaking red bar because the company will give you a full portable charge completely and utterly free.

EE Power Bar

It looks kind of cool too with a pretty funky Yellow and Cyan shell around the portable USB charger. It has a built-in LED torch and a 2600mAh capacity, which EE promise customers is enough to recharge your standard smartphone at least once.

All you have to do, if you’re on the EE books, is to walk into an EE shop at any time to swap your used Power Bars for a new fully charged one. It means, in theory, you have unlimited power. The only problem is obviously if you don’t live in urban areas where EE shops are a little hard to come by.

The Power Bar itself is available for free to all EE customers with a 30 day, 12, 18 or 24 month mobile or broadband plan, as well as for pay as you go customers who have been with the network for three months.

If you’re an EE mobile customer who wants the Power Bar charger, text POWER to 365 and you’ll receive a code which you then present to an EE store. It’s that simple. EE broadband customers can text JOIN plus their landline number to 60005 instead.

“Almost everyone’s experienced the frustration associated with running out of battery and it always seems to happen when you need your phone the most,” said Pippa Dunn, chief marketing officer at EE.

“With EE Power, we’re trying to help by giving our customers a Power Bar that can simply be swapped for a fully charged one at any of our stores, at any time, for free.”

It might be slightly frustrating having to constantly visit a phone shop every time you need a charge, but baring that we can’t really see any cons here. So if you’re lucky enough to be an EE user, get down to one of their stores.



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