It’s been quite the year for Elon Musk. Not only did the founder of electric car company Tesla send the ‘world’s most powerful’ rocket into space with one of his vehicles on board, he also sold 20,000 Flamethrowers. But Musk’s 2018 won’t be stopping there as he’s just received the go-ahead on plans to dig an underground Hyperloop tunnel between Washington DC and New York City.

Elon Musk Given the Green Light on DC to NYC Hyperloop Tunnel

Having first conceived the Hyperloop concept in 2013, Musk has finally been given the official green light to begin digging the transportation tunnel in Washington. The eventual goal is that passengers could reach New York City from DC in just 29 minutes. For those unfamiliar with US geography, trains can currently do the journey in 2h 46min at best.

The permit allows preliminary tests and digging on a site at 53 New York Avenue NE in Washington DC with the idea that the empty plot could eventually become a station for the super-high-speed transit line planned to connect DC with Baltimore, Philadelphia and New York City.


If you’re not familiar with the concept, a Hyperloop comprises of a sealed tube where pods ‘skate’ free of air resistance or friction and thus can reach incredibly high speeds while still being very efficient. The largest company invested in the idea is Virgin Hyperloop One. Owned by Richard Branson, they successfully tested full-scale pods at speeds up to 190mph last year.

Hyperloop lines have so far been proposed to link the likes of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Mexico City and Guadalajara, and central European cities like Bratislava, Vienna and Budapest. Musk also has admitted he wants to introduce the concept to LA.

There’s no current timescale to how quickly Musk’s Hyperloop concept will take to put into action, but it’s certainly looking like it’s now only a question of ‘when’ and not ‘if’.




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