Having been featured in some of the biggest sci-fi films of all time, it’s no great surprise that most Joes won’t accept the future is here until we get two things; flying cars and hologram tables. While genuine flying cars may still be a little way off, an Australian company think they’ve cracked the latter with the world’s first hologram table set to be released in 2018!

The World's First Multi-User Hologram Table is Almost Here

Yes, Australian company Euclideon claims they’ve built a working prototype of what it calls ‘the world’s first true multi-user hologram table’. Up to four people can walk around the table with holographic images being visible through a small pair of glasses – similar to those you wear in the cinema for 3D films.

It’s fair to say hologram technology hasn’t quite progressed as many thought it would. Though we all think we know how they look and how they work thanks to the likes of Star Wars, the problem has always been multiple users of a single image. If you have a group of people standing around a table, looking at the same image, their perspectives will always be different.


But Euclideon, based just outside Brisbane, think they’ve cracked it. Their hologram table only requires users to wear a pair of motion-trackable sunglasses, making them much more practical in a social or gaming situation than the large helmets and screens you currently need for AR tech.


The hologram table works by the table being able to track the position of each wearer’s eyes, and build a custom image for each user. Using something called ‘frequency separation crystal films’ in both the table surface and the glasses, up to eight separate images can be sorted out from what looks like a mash of coloured light to the naked eye.

Currently only one 1.5m x 1.5m prototype Euclideon Hologram Table has been made, but the project has been fully funded and the company’s CEO is saying a production version could be ready for sale as early as February 2018. It’s expected to retails for around £35,000. Head over to the Euclideon Website to keep an eye on any updates.




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