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Everything You Need to Know About the Apple Event

If you live under a rock and missed it yesterday, Apple held an event in San Francisco to announce the release of a load of upgraded hardware, including iPhones, iPads and also a brand spanking new Apple TV!

Whilst it’s obviously exciting for everyone, it can be information overload on social media. So we thought we’d collate the highlights from the event and put them in one place for you – because we’re nice like that. So, without further ado, here’s a recap of everything you need to know about yesterday’s Apple event!


iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

The big news from the event was the expected announcement from Apple CEO Tim Cook of the new iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus.

So what’s new? Well, it terms of design, they unsurprisingly look pretty similar – something we should really have expected given Apple’s history with the ‘s’ models. The only obvious change is the addition on the Rose Gold model – or ‘Pink’ as we call it here at Average Joes.

The screen is exactly the same too but behind the stronger glass is where you’ll see some difference with the addition of 3D Touch technology. To keep things brief, 3D Touch is about saving Joes taps and navigating their way through the iPhone quicker. For example, you can quickly glance at an email with a deeper tap and hold.

Other additions include an impressive 12MP camera that even shoots 4K video. Apple says both Wi-Fi and 4G are twice as fast too. Pre-orders start on the 12th September with iPhone 6s’ set to launch on the 25th September. Prices will be staying the same too with the 6s coming in at £539 for a 16GB, £619 for a 64GB and £699 for a 128GB. The 6s Plus will be £619/£699/£789, respectively.

Apple TV

Tim Cook also dropped the redesigned Apple TV and while the box might not looking much different, it will comes with a new app store, OS and multitouch remote. We got the feeling Apple are getting serious about TV…

The big news is Apple’s first tvOS operating system, which is designed to get you to the content Joes want quicker and more efficiently than any other streaming platform around. Of course, one of the companions of iOS is Siri. This means Joes should be able to verbally ask for their chosen watch without getting bogged down in genre menus.

The new Universal Search feature means that Siri can check any of your streaming accounts, like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, all at once. You could even just ask for your favourite actor and Siri will come back with options.

There also seemed to be big plans for gaming on the new Apple TV. While they only showed a few mum-friendly games, the new remote does have some unmistakably Wii-like motion sensors, which implies to us they’re going to be working on this.

Another big step for Apple TV is a new touch-sensitive remote. The Bluetooth 4.0-powered remote allows users more advanced control thanks to its variety of inputs. Prices for the Apple TV will start around £149 for a 32GB version, which is a lot more than the current £60 we pay. Worth it? We think it might be.


iPad Pro

But Apple weren’t done there with the most impressive tablet we think we’ve ever seen in the iPad Pro. This mammoth dons a beautiful high-definition 12.9-inch screen which offers 78% more screen real estate than the original iPad and 360x more pumping power behind it. Not only that, there’s 5.6 million pixels. Impressive, eh?!

Unlike past iPads, it was pretty clear that Apple wanted to give this iPad Pro the ability to be a content creator. Therefore, they’ve given it an optional physical keyboard to handle text entry. It looks nice enough but will set back a whopping $169 (and we’d expect the UK version to be a similar price in Sterling)!

At 6.9mm thin, the new iPad Pro should have a battery life of around 10 hours and will set you back around £799 for the 32GB model when it goes on sale in November.


Other Bits

Apple also devoted a fair bit of stage time talking about their new stylus for the iPad. They’re calling it the Apple Pencil and it’s packed with a load of precision, which Apple says is accurate “to the pixel.”

While there were some changes to the new iPad mini 4, Apple didn’t seem to really care about them. They brushed over details that they’ve updated, including the internals and the fact that the mini now rocks the same power as the iPad Air 2.

Don’t worry watch enthusiasts, the Apple Watch wasn’t forgotten either with the addition of some new Gold and Rose Gold (Pink) finishes for the Apple Watch Sport, as well as stylish new designer bands from Hermes and a load of new apps to boot.




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