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Facebook Places hits the UK
Facebook Places Launches in the UK

Facebook Places Launches in the UK

Already taking over our Facebook Feed is the launch of Facebook Places in the UK. What is it I hear you ask? Well basically it is Foursquare, but integrated directly to into to Facebook. What is Foursquare I hear you ask? Good question!! Ultimately it is one of the most annoying things on the planet, and here is how they both work…

Using your GPS enabled mobile device you can now ‘broadcast’ your location to your friends on Facebook. It will pin point where you are to within a few metres (depending on coverage) on a map. If you are in a well known store or place it will automatically add the place, if it is your home or similar you can add the information yourself. Now in all honesty it is a great idea, until it get’s abused…

Pre 10am this morning 1 friend had logged into two different DIY stores in 30 minutes, one friend logged in at ‘home sweet home’ and another logged in at ‘McDonald’s Restaurant’. Now needless to say these people have been de-friended and cast into Facebook obscurity! Ultimately if you use this new feature alot, people will hate you, and by hate you I mean wait till you update ‘crossing the road’ and track you down with your own GPS and run you over!

This app is only really useful if you are trying to get a few people together (or Pixie Lotts bedroom, MIK).

Remember ultimately you are giving away the best stalking material and letting people know when you are not at home, which is just golden for today’s forward thinking criminals!! Think before you update would be our advice…

Using it? Let us know your thoughts…



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