Mar 3 2009 @averagejoesblog

Regulator Ofcom ruled today that it will present “no regulatory barriers” to the development of super-fast broadband infrastructure. This will allow BT (among others in time) to go ahead with the planned investment of £1.5bn in the fibro optic network, giving up to 20 million UK homes access to high-speed internet.

The network would see the installation of fibre-optic cables to street-side cabinets, offering speeds of between 40 and 60Mbps, with about 1 million homes having fibre to the home and speeds of 100Mbps.

Currently only Virgin Media are the UK providers of a fibre-optic network to a large number of people in the UK but even that is capped at 50mbps.

Wow, just think how quickly 24 would download :o and that is a full dvd in about 10 – 15 minutes by my reckoning, even more bad news for choices and blockbuster!!



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