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First PokemonGo, but which VR apps are going to hit it big next

Virtual Reality, or VR, used to resign itself to the hard-core gamers Christmas wish list. However, with the mainstream popularity of PokemonGo, which even took even Nintendo’s servers by surprise, VR has captured our curiosity and left us wanting more.

Whilst the majority of us have been venturing out on our lunch breaks to catch a squirtle or two, this healthy curiosity over mixing virtual entertainment with reality, doesn’t mean we’ll be splashing a few hundred pounds on a serious piece of equipment.

Here’s our pick of the VR apps that we think could become the next big thing.


Whether you love them or despise them, everyone seems to have at least one tattoo nowadays. If you’ve been to a festival this summer you’ll have probably suffered from neck ache at the amount of tattoos you’ve shook your head at. Well now’s your chance to help others think again, inkHunter the AR app allows you to see what you’d look like with a tattoo.

You can even take photos to share and see what others think – not that you need their approval, however, a bit of friendly advice always helps.

Hyundai Virtual Guide

Making its debut at CES 2016, Hyundai Virtual Guide, isn’t available to download just yet, however, it’s potential to change how we maintain our cars looks interesting. In effect, this is an interactive owner’s manual that uses AR to show you what’s on your dashboard and under the bonnet.

The 1st edition of this app will be available for the Hyundai Sonata, but we’re thinking it won’t be long before every Hyundai model, and even, every new car has its own AR app.

Google Street View

We’ve all used Google Street View to get our bearings before visiting somewhere new. And with pretty much the entire planet photographed in 360 degree photos, what better app to adapt for virtual reality?

Travel anywhere in the world from your VR headset and look around as if you were actually there. Existing stuff for our Joes, and even better that it comes at no cost.


Vrse, now rebranded to the much easier name of Within, is an online platform for creating and distributing virtual reality films.

Interestingly, the New York Times has collaborated with Within, where you’ll find a number of journalist VR videos on the app, although you’re not able to currently stream them – you’ll have to download them before you pop your iPhone into the VR viewer.

So if PokemonGO has whet your appetite for VR, there are plenty of VR/AR apps that are definitely worth trying and holding out for.

Tell us which VR apps do you think will be the next big hit?



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