If you’re anything like us and love your tech, you’ll know that trying to charge several devices in one go can cause some issues. Usually there’s nowhere near enough electrical outlets to charge all your devices and you’re forced to charge from a laptop or an equivalent that take an age to get the job done.

Fishbone Charging Station

We’re also neat freaks, so even if you don’t have a multiple power outputs, the amount of wires involved drives us mad. But there is a solution! And it comes in the form of the Fishbone Charging Station.

The Fishbone Charging Station is out to make life that little bit easier by keeping your devices’ cables neat and organised while charging. Just connect the cables to the back of the Fishbone, and wrap them around Fishbone’s body.

The Fishbone comes with 5 USB ports and accommodates devices of almost any size or weight. The smart charging ports on the station will automatically detect and adjust the power output to suit your device’s charging needs, so whether it’s an Android, an iPad or an iPhone, you’ll always get optimum charging.

We think it’s a great idea that would be ideal in any busy office or home living space. We always love the design and, barring maybe a laptop, you should be covered for virtually everything.

The Fishbone charging station is being sold on crowd-funding website Kickstarter and has already reached its target with 20 days or so to go. It’s probably because the Fishbone is incredible cheap at around £20 ($29)! They’ll ship anywhere in the world and you should get it just in time for Christmas. We think that’s excellent value!




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