Though they may have released the Blaze, Fitbit have just announced their first official smartwatch in the Ionic. In a bid to play catch-up with Apple and Android, the Ionic has it all, complete with the usual Fitbit fitness characteristics as well as smartphone sync-ability and contactless payments.

Fitbit Release Their ‘First’ Smartwatch in the Ionic

Being a Fitbit, naturally the Ionic smartwatch is first and foremost and fitness aid giving you real-time guidance to reach your goals. As well as featuring built-in GPS, a heart rate monitor, and water-resistant ‘Swim Tracking’, you’ll also get ‘Personal Coaching’, which is essentially an on-screen daily fitness guide that adapts based on your feedback.

There’s also a SmartTrack function which automatically records selected exercises like running, cycling and the like, sending the results automatically to your Fitbit app. There’s also a stepometer, a calorie tracker, and even a sleep monitor which sees your time spent in light, deep and REM sleep stages.


But being a smartwatch, it’s also built for lifestyle. As such, the Ionic stores and plays more than 300 songs (which can be played through Bluetooth headphone), you can get smartphone notifications sent directly to your wrist, and you can also securely store your credit cards on the built-in NFC chip and use them on-the-go with some contactless swiping.


The touchscreen itself is crisp with an amplified brightness of up to 1000 nits and it’s also scratch-proof. The battery life isn’t too shabby either with over 4 days’ worth of charge and up to 10 hours when using GPS, so you can track overnight without charging.

The Fitbit Ionic smartwatch is available to order now over at the Fitbit Website. Coming in three colour options, the Ionic will set you back £299.99 and will be ready for shipping in 3-4 weeks time.




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