While we normally avoid multipurpose pieces of tech – mainly because they’re often compromised in one, if not all, of their functions – we’d make an enthusiastic except for this incredible floating Cloud speaker/light/art installation by designer Richard Clarkson.

'Making Weather' Floating Cloud Speaker

The ‘Making Weather’, as it’s called, is the latest incarnation of Richard Clarkson’s ‘Cloud’, a hanging cloud-shaped light and speaker released back in 2014. This time Clarkson has teamed up with Crealev, a start-up who specialised in floating technology. The result is a levitating, fluffy cloud speaker.

The cloud rotates and bobs above an oval, mirrored base to create a realistic-looking cloud experience, whilst at the same time also playing your favourite tunes via a built-in Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights to mimic lightning.

Cloud Floating Speaker 3
Embedded into both the base and the Cloud are magnetic components that allow the cloud to float 1-2 inches off the base. While the base itself must remain plugged into a socket, the Cloud is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which keeps it totally wireless.

The idea of the LED lights in the Cloud is that they adapt to the music, creating a unique art installation in your home. The Making Weather also comes with a remote control which allows Joes to control the Cloud from the comfort of your sofa.

Before you get too excited about Richard Clarkson’s Making Weather floating cloud speaker, you should be aware that it’s only currently a prototype. But the good news is both companies seem to be keen on making it commercially available soon. In terms of price, the last hanging ‘Cloud’ cost £2,000… Check out all of Richard Clarkson’s designs over at his Website.

Cloud Floating Speaker 2



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