Ford Unveil Noise-Cancelling Dog Kennel Prototype

If you’re a dog owner, you’ll know just how troublesome this time of year can be. Whether it’s fireworks at New Year’s Eve or general Christmas mayhem, many dogs aren’t comfortable with loud noises. To solve the issue, car manufacturer Ford has taken active noise-cancelling technology they use in vehicles and placed it into a kennel.

Yes, Ford have launched a prototype for a noise-cancelling dog kennel. It follow research that suggests around 45 per cent of dogs in the UK show signs of fear when they hear fireworks – causing distress to not only the dogs themselves but also their owners.

One possible answer could be a noise-cancelling kennel that uses similar technology to that found in cars and headphones. Ford’s kennel was built using high-density cork, acoustic isolation panels, soundproof ventilation and anti-vibration block risers, as well as an automatic door.


Once microphones inside the prototype dog kennel detect the sound of the fireworks, a built-in audio system emits opposing frequencies that in effect cancels out the noise completely – or at the very least reduces it significantly.

Ford’s noise-cancelling dog kennel is the first in a series of Ford initiatives – called Interventions – that aims to apply automotive technologies to everyday problems. But while it is only a prototype, anyone with a dog will testify just how good an invention Ford’s kennel could be – especially this time of year. Find out more over at the Ford Website.


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