Form Unveil AR Swim Goggles You Can Wear Underwater

While runners, cyclists and even golfers can have up-to-second info on performance, until now swimmers have had to rely on their own intuition and screaming coaches. But that may soon be about to change with the Form Swim Goggles; a pair of augmented reality goggles which display time and distance while underwater.

Created by Dan Eisenhardt (who previously sold AR cycling glasses specialist Recon Instruments to Intel back in 2015), the Form Swim Goggles enable athletes to view various performance metrics on an AR display on swim goggles that you can wear while swimming underwater.

While the concept may not be entirely new, the technology and deliver almost certainly is. Existing wearables currently impair technique and are difficult to access in real time. The Form Swim Goggles looks to solve both problem. As well as the see-through AR display showing you real time result, it also won’t impair vision and offers see-through experience.


Form is also constructed to be as unobtrusive as possible. It’s made using high-grade materials and industry-leading manufacturing processes to provide an optimal fit, durability, and hydrodynamics in a design that feels just like a regular pair of swim goggles – just with a miniaturised on-board computer.


Form say their goggles have a battery life of 16 hours and can track and display metrics like split times, distance, stroke rate, and stroke count. It also comes with an accompanying app which enables swimmers and coaches to review and track progress over time. In the app, you can also customise which metrics are displayed in the goggles.

The Form Swim Goggles are set to go on sale on 7th August and will set swimmers back $199 (around £159). Find out more over at the Form Swim Website.


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