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Frankenspiel FS-X Bluetooth Speaker

Playing your music outside through a portable speaker has typically involved some cheap single speaker device, which will either have a battery as capable as a non Duracell bunny, or will drain your playback device of choice quicker than you can dance to the Macarena. Well we hope all of that is about the change, with a current Kick Starter project that has caught our eye, the all new Frankenspiel FS-X Bluetooth Speaker.

This new wireless bluetooth speaker aims to stroll straight into the portable speaker market and claim pole position. Luckily for the FS-X (and us), the team at Frankenspiel have won several awards for designing high quality portable sound systems. So with a solid design pedigree what sets the FS-X apart from its rivals?

Sound Quality

This has to be the most important factor for any speaker (captain obvious here reporting for duty) and according to the info we have, the Frankenspiel FS-X packs some impressive kit. With 100 dB of pure clean sound that can go up to 100% volume without distortion – you can now turn the volume up to 10 without worrying about blowing your speakers up, or looking a little bit stupid when you can’t hear anything.

Next up is the 360 degree wrap-around sound that delivers a rich, accurate, clean and detailed sound. This is a clever feature that can be activated on the back of the speaker and when placed on its back the 360 wrap-around sound kicks in. Perfect for those impromptu outdoor partys – or if you just wan’t to share you great taste in music with everyone around you.

FS-X Pic 1

Battery Life

The FS-X has been designed to solve the problem of limited battery life that plagues so many portable speakers. Battery life and portability are key to the wireless speaker market, so the addition of a rechargeable Li-iON battery which takes less than one hour to charge, will make this appeal to a range of markets from the casual outdoor party goer through to the home or office user. Considering it only measures 9cm³ and weighs 400g the reported 50 hours playback is pretty impressive.


Not only is the FS-X your potential portable partner, it can also be used as a more permanent audio solution by pairing with a second device for Left-Right stereo. Think of it as the more affordable multi-room speaker solution – obviously with less functionality than the Sonos gear provides, but at a fraction of the price. The clean, accurate sound makes it perfect for a desktop speaker solution at home or if you want to cause big debates, set these up in your office.

The Frankenspiel FS-X is currently on KickStarter UK where it has almost achieved its target funding of £36,000. A limited number of ‘early bird’ backers can get discounted units before they go on general sale. An RRP of only £70 could make this new speaker a leading contender in the market when it goes into production and enters the wireless bluetooth market.

More info can be found over on the Frakenspiel website or head direct to Kick Starter and get backing.



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