There are quite a few auto correct text sites popping up all around the place and some of them are literally eye watering funny, but some are not! Well we have taken what we think are the funniest for one snap shot post! Now beware, when researching and writing this post I was actually laughing so hard my eyes were watering.

Funny Auto Correct Texts

Don’t know it? Basically Apple likes to crap on us by auto-correcting words on the iPhone and these are screen shots of where it has gone horribly wrong…

Auto-correct Texts

Is it really all about the animal farm...

Funny Auto-correct Texts

Young Bisexual?!

Funny Texts

Must have been a heavy night

Funny Auto Correct Texts5

Sounds painful!

Funny correct Texts

This is wrong, even if she is a MILF...

Funny Auto Texts

Is there such a thing as a DILF?

Funny Auto-correct Texts Pencil

Funny Auto-correct Texts with a pencil

Funny Auto-correct Texts Seaman

Seaman Sauce?!

Funny God Auto-correct Texts

Is god a woman?!

Funny Auto Correct Texts9

Shaking with my lubrication!!

Funny Stiff Auto-correct Texts

My favourite past time...

Funny Auto-correct Texts 1

Whoring my mom!

Funny Auto-correct Texts4

Dog eating a girls vag...

Funny Auto Correct Texts8

Don't tell the missus!

Have a favourite? Want to submit a funnier one? Comment below, hit us on twitter or that other social networkkkkkk. And of course you can subscribe to our rss for other cool stuff!

Thanks to the boys over at FU Auto Correct for letting us choose our favourites and using the images.



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