While technology is getting more and more important to our everyday lives, it also brings with it a mountain of cables and plugs that clutter up your living and working space. Which is why we love the look of the FurniQi – a wireless charging side table which sorts the mess as well as naturally fitting into your life.

FurniQi Wireless Charging Table

The FurniQi is, first and foremost, a beautiful looking side table made from bamboo. But it also happens to charge your smartphone with the minimum of fuss. Just drop your phone on the table to charge, then pick it up and get on with your day.

FurniQi uses wireless charging technology. Wireless power transfers through electromagnetic induction from the charging spot of the table straight to your phone. Although no cable is needed to connect your actual phone, the table itself does need to be plugged in using a small and discreet cable.

At the moment, the standard FurniQi has only one WoodPuck (the charging spot built in to the bottom of your table) but you do get the option of another spot should you so choose.

The great thing about the FurniQi is it really is built for everyday use. That means you can spill drinks, leave accidental marks and place basically anything you want on it. The table is 470mm in height and has a diameter of 400mm, so it really is perfect for any living space be in your living room or bedroom.

The Qi works with basically any smartphone device around. While brands such as Motorola (Google Nexus and Moto), Samsung (Galaxy) and Nokia (Lumia) are all covered with built-in capabilities, all Apple iPhones can be catered for with an upgradeable table.

The FurniQi wireless charging table might not have the catchiest of names but it certainly has a great USP. We love the concept and, more importantly, we love the design. The only thing that would make it perfect is if it could charge more than two phones at one time but we’ll forgive them. You can get hold of one through the FurniQi Indiegogo Page where it’ll set Joes back around £90.




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