No matter how hard we pretend, there’s nothing organic and natural about playing games on your touchscreen device. Particularly if you’re forking out for the latest releases you can’t afford to buy on a console.

Gamevice Controller

This might all be about to change, however, with the Gamevice Controller. The controller plugs into an iPad Mini to make gaming feel as authentic as playing on your TV.

The Gamevice Controller possesses all the standard buttons you’re used to with a joystick, directional pad, triggers and A, B, X and Y buttons that are familiar to any Xbox user.

You don’t need to pair it with your iPad as it simply plugs in. The controller is already compatible with thousands of game in the App Store.

The only issue is the price and when you’ll be able to get your hands on one are not yet confirmed. But a guide of later this year means it’s not too far away. We think it’s a cracking simple idea so keep an eye on for more info. And if it works over Airplay, then even better!




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