Robots May Soon Be Parking Your Cars at Airports

Think you’re good at parking? Stan is better. And there’s a good chance he’ll soon be parking your rides at airports in the near future. Set to be trialled at Gatwick Airport in August this year, Stan is a small forklift-style robot that will pick your car up and drop it into an ultra-tight space without even needing to see your keys.

The little droid was created by Stanley Robotics, a French start-up aiming to increase the number of cars that can be park in any given space through robotics. The result is Stan, who they say can park 270 cars in an area which could traditionally only fit 170 human-parked cars.

The whole system is remarkably simple to use too. Once you drop your car off outside a spacious box, just take your bags/keys and scan your code through an on-site machine. Stan will do the rest by sliding underneath the car and using its arms to delicately lift it by the tires to park it for you. Your car will then be ready at the drop-off/pick-up cabin on your return.


To use, it sounds like an incredibly simple solution to space-saving and could hopefully save us those dreaded shuttle bus rides from the Terminal. The system and the robots have already been trialled successfully at airports in Paris, Lyon and Düsseldorf, and the Gatwick trials can only be encouraging.

To find out more about Stan, head over to the Stanley Robotics Website.


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