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Amazon received a lot of attention for their handy Dash Buttons, which aim to make shopping that little bit easier. Well it’s not only the online giant with the makers of the GeniCan thinking they can lend their helping hand too.

GeniCan is a device that attaches to your bin. As you throw used items away, the GeniCan scans the barcodes and adds said items to a shopping list on the accompanying app. Simple.

But what about fruit and veg without barcodes, we hear you ask? GeniCan has thought of that too. Hold the item by the sensor and a voice will say, “What may I add to your list?” Say out loud the item and it’ll go straight onto your list. Or so we’d hope. We’re naturally quite wary of products that use voice recognition technology.

GeniCan fits on all your standard bins and recycling bins, and adds all items to the same list. It fits using a magnet, so is simple to install with no tools required. Although you’ll need to throw out your plastic bins.

Via your home wifi, the GeniCan syncs the shopping list with your phone, even when you’re out and about, which is handy for last-minute additions while you’re on your way to the supermarket.

It also sorts your shopping list by aisle, so you don’t have to waste time going back and forth. It’s obviously quite a nice idea. The problem with products like this is it all comes down to the execution, and really there’s no way of testing that until the product has gone live.

The problem there is it might never happen… It’s on crowd funding site Indiegogo and has only raised just over $5,000 of its $50,000 target. You could also just use a pen and paper… But if you like the look of it, get over to the Indiegogo Website swiftly and pledge big!




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