The stock market is a volatile place – and as men, we quite like that volatility. There is something quite exciting about not just the ability to make money without technically doing much, but actually the chance you could lose some as well. It’s why online betting is now one of the biggest industries in the world. Whilst we would never want to liken the stock market to betting, there are obviously similar dangers. The issue in the past is that the stock market has been a little in-accessible for the Average Joe and you could argue without massive stakes involved, perhaps a little tame. Well, things just got a whole lot more interesting and accessible with the launch of the new GetStocks app. An easy way to manage your money?

GetStocks App Review

Whilst many peoples thought of managing stocks is on the phone to their broker, it was of course only a matter of time before ‘there’s an app for that’ – and GetStocks is one. A slick interface which is easy to use and simple to track is one of it’s biggest features. Equally if you aren’t quite sure what you are doing or need a few tips, you can actually subscribe to other traders and of course copy their trades if you wish. It’s a good way to see how many stocks people buy, how often and when they change.

In terms of deciding on which shares you want to buy (or sell). You can choose from all the major markets; London Stock Exchange, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Nasdaq and NYSE and then use various filters to sort and track including highest value, highest trades and highest increases. Unsure if they are right for you? Just put them in your watch list and keep an eye on them indefinitely till you want to make your move. You can easily look at historical data across the day, 5 days, 1 month, 6 months and a year with a swipe including graphs for comparison. The wealth of info available really is right on the money.


In terms of buying and selling stocks, these are some of the lowest costs available, averaging around £5 – £10 per trade depending on market. You can then get a simple daily update of your portfolio as a whole, or look at positions to see what your money has done since investment. Here you can also set-up low and high sell markers to ensure you make the right move at the right time even if you might be busy.

After using it for 6 weeks, it has been a roller coaster – I have been up and I have definitely been down but I won’t be giving up just yet. It’s a long game thing and GetStocks is certainly staying on my phone and where I plan to manage my rather mediocre portfolio in future.

With the likes of Wolf of Wall Street, The Big Short and recently TV show Billions, it has never been ‘cooler‘ to play with the stock exchange. Just remember, this is real money and of course, real risk. But with the likes of the GetStocks app, the markets just became a much more mainstream pastime.




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