In what’s already a fairly saturated market, it can be hard for new speakers on the scene to stand out. Well, nobody could accuse Giacinto of not doing just that with the first DIY stereo loudspeaker, beautifully designed and easy to assemble.

Giacinto DIY Speakers

The idea of the Giacinto DIY Speaker is fairly a simple; a loudspeaker which offers Joes a product experience in order to grow attachment. Not only is it a romantic way of looking at things, it also saves on production time which dramatically effects the cost of things. As such, the Giacinto is, if nothing else, affordable.

To make things easier, the components of the Giacinto have been simplified to the bare bones of what is needed to make a quality speaker. The construction process has also been simplified into a few easy steps to make it understandable and accessible to everyone.

Giacinto DIY Speaker 1
While things might have been stripped back, Giacinto are keen to point out the quality doesn’t suffer. The skin of made from recycled leather, working as an incredible soundboard which is highly resistant and flexible.

The two 4ohm- 5 W speakers and custom made 3W + 3W mini amplifier also ensure these little speakers pack a punch. Power to the DIY Speakers is provided through a mini jack and a USB plug.

Giacinto DIY Speaker 3
You can get your Giacinto in either the standard Brown recycled leather, or in colourway options of Light Grey, Dark Grey and Black. There’s also twelve textured leather options as well as a premium leather option in three different colours.

The Giacinto DIY Speakers are being funded on Kickstater where prices start at around £39 (€49). They’re not going to be for everyone but we like how truly unique they are. Head over to the Giacinto Kickstarter Website for more details.

Giacinto DIY Speaker 5



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